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Search Engine Optimization

How many times have you typed into any search engine such as Google and yahoo the term that best describe your business and been instantly deflated when you see the words: ‘About 800,000,000 results’!.We understand how daunting it can be, but you will be surprised at how much rubbish is out there.

First, what is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization is a highly technical process that determine how your website is ranked in search engine index and against your competitors by the search engine.

No matter how much you invest on your website,Search Engine Optimization is an integral factor of consideration for easy finding of your business and products when potential customers search for your business

SEO involves analyzing your business and products and and coming up with key phrases and keywords that potential customers are likely to enter into Google when searching for your business. This also need costant checking on what Google and the other Search engines consider a good website and worthy of a good ranking.

Some advantages of SEO are:
  1. Place your business on top of google indexing
  2. Internent Marketing
  3. Increase sales
  4. influx of potential customers
  5. Gain competitive advantages
  6. Discover a new market

Available packages of Search engine optimization (SEO)
Features basic SEO Bronze SEO silver SEO Gold SEO
Google analytics
Facebook Management After 2 weeks After 1 Week After 3 days Daily
Twitter Management After 2 weeks After 1 Week After 3 days Daily
Website Security Mgt
Keywords/Meta tags 8 pages 15 pages 25 pages 50 pages
Google ,yahoo,Bing xml sitemaps × 5 10 Unlimited site map submission
Embedding Google Maps × ×
Body,image tag optimization
Google plus Mgt After 2 weeks After 1 Week After 3 days Daily
Price Ksh. 2000/pm Ksh. 4000/pm Ksh. 6000/pm Ksh. 8000/pm
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